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This site is the online source of news, information, and resources for residents of Forest Grove POA.  Join us here to be a part of making our community the best place to call home.

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A friendly reminder:
Stay hydrated and please be safe when handling fireworks this fourth of July.

Hello neighbors and friends!

Your Social committee will be taking a break and will not be hosting any events this summer, we will start back up this fall!

However, we have put a fun list of potential activities and games for future events. Please check them out and give us some feedback on which of the following you might be interested in and participating in.

  • Mobile Petting Zoo
  • Movie night
  • Chili cook off
  • Hotdog cookout
  • Book club
  • Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange
  • Bus Trip to Shreveport Casinos
  • Social Luncheons and Dinners with games such as Bingo, Mahjong, and Darts

Thank you all for your past attendance, and please take the time to give us feedback and suggestions.

You can reach us on the Forest Grove Social Club Facebook page or at 903-287-0137 to leave a message or Email: forestgrovepoa@gmail.com

POA Board members:
President: Larry Craig
Vice President: Andrea Flaum
Treasurer: Gloria Miller
Secretary: Belinda Locke
2yr Voting Member: Jerry Robinson
2yr Voting Member: Dorthy Martin
1yr Voting Member: Brenda Tarnow
1yr Voting Member: Diane Bishop
1yr Voting Member: Michael Beave